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Yin (Marcy) The Issue  Yang (Guy)
San Francisco Giants Baseball Oakland A's
Golden State Warrors Basketball Los Angeles Lakers
10:00pm at Latest Bedtime Midnight at Earliest
Chrysler: Mini Van Car Chevy: Corvette / Monster Truck
Rarely talks in public Cell Phone Talks in Public
Mouth Closed Chewing Mouth Full
Mac Computer PC
Almost Always Diplomacy Are You Kidding?
Pinot Noir Drinks Jack Daniels
Poached or Egg Whites Eggs Never
Sushi Favorite Food Italian
San Fancisco 49ers Football Oakland Raiders
Brunette: Natural Hair Blonde: "Natural"
Everyday: Minimal Jewelry Everyday: Lots
Red Licorice Black
Lemon Drop Martini Dirty
Godfather Movie Caddyshack
Broadway Musicals Music AC/DC
Yes Name Drops Rarely
Juan Pablo Montoya Nascar Juan Pablo Montoya
John Force NHRA Kenny Bernstein
Yes Owns Dictionary No
No Owns Guns Yes
None Parking Ability Yes
Capellini light olive oil Pasta Carbonara
Jeans Jacket Signature Clothing Shorts
No Smack Talk Slang Smack Talk
Rarely Swears Yes
Never Tatoos Yes
Flat Water Sparkling

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